Hedge Fund Administration for StartUp HFs & FOFs

In recent times launching a Hedge Fund, raises many challenges for fund managers while starting a new fund especially those with AUM under 100M or new entrant in the market. These challenges are usual which every manager need to concentrate on. What are these challenges and how importantly it will play its role in future?

Startup Hedge Funds with high thinking

Over past few years many new & small hedge funds, investment firms & family offices. The process of planning out their middle & backend operations needs can be an overpowering and often costly aspect to starting up the new fund a – procedure that usually most of the investment managers underestimate these aspects indeed.

Restructuring Administration/ Operational Processes

What makes investment managers to think restructuring in their administration/operational process? Many managers consider this as cost affecting process to the fund and overall AUM. But this investment can be balanced by using third party service provider who can manage your shadow administration processes at other end with cost benefits.