“ IBN Technologies has been contributory to our Investment & Research Activities. Their experience in this highly regulated market and their ability to deliver a complete end-to-end solution on time and within budget has given us confidence in working with this industry-leader ”

--Investment management firm - London

“ We are now entering the fourth year of our relationship with IBN. This has been a hugely rewarding and valuable transaction for us with IBN as they are now responsible for the maintenance of data covering over 70% of the funds within our proprietary Hedge Fund database.

The most compelling aspects of IBN's service are their professionalism and commitment to provide the highest standards of service possible. Each month we randomly samples over 300 funds to monitor the data maintained by IBN and I cannot recall IBN's accuracy ever falling below 99.5% throughout our entire relationship in fact IBN usually achieves 100% accuracy. The clearest indication of my satisfaction with the service provided is that I am currently considering further activities that can be outsourced to IBN. ”

--David Barber, Director - FRM

“ IBN provides an excellent service to us in maintaining our large database of monthly returns for various financial asset classes. Their assistance with quantitative analysis is also invaluable. Together we have built an array of very sophisticated risk management tools which support our investment process. Our London office is in constant contact with the office in Pune and we regard the team there as our colleagues ”

--Fund of Funds Client - UK

“ IBN’s qualified and experienced team has helped our fund accounting system run smoothly and efficiently, avoiding disruptions and making sure data is current. ”

--Fund Of Funds - USA